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Mission and Vision

The Friendship Baptist Church of Roslyn, Inc. has been called, chosen, and sent to serve all nations, people, and communities for the glory and honor of God the Father. As a local Church body, congregation, and ministry we are committed to the Mission and Vision that The Holy Spirit has given to us as a Church and we will do it all while glorifying our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement 
Our mission statement is based upon the biblical instructions that Christ gave to the Church from the parable of the “ten servants” in Luke 19:12-27; it is in this passage at verse 13 that He instructs the servants: “Pragmateusasthe” which means “Occupy till I come” in koine Greek — the language of His day. This is the overall aim of FBC of Roslyn, Inc. and this is the primary reason why we are in existence. It is our firm commitment to the Lord and the crux of what we will make every effort to do on a consistent basis. We are committed to maintaining this mission for the length of our very existence.



Vision Statement 

“Leading souls to Christ, and transforming them into the image of Christ, to revolutionize the Body of Christ.” 

Our vision statement describes what we hope to become—above and beyond the fundamental requirements in our mission statement. As we achieve these goals, we covenant to set aside time to praise and worship the God that is making it all possible. Our vision statement highlights our church’s’ values and the worth of our Church, our Ministry and the disciples that we are producing to edify the Kingdom of God. This is the direction for the Church, and we are continually developing “bleeding-edge” strategies that will allow us to achieve this vision [Proverbs 29:18a].



Leading souls to Christ, and Transforming them into the image of Christ, to Revolutionize the Body of Christ.”