November 6, 1927 

the Rev. Charles Christopher, Reverend E. L. Artist, Minnie Davis, Mary Davis, Mary Dodson, Jessie Blunt, Essie Hill, James Davis and other members journeyed to Roslyn Village to establish a Missionary Baptist Church in the Roslyn home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pinkney. They expended much effort to formally establish the mission.

In 1928, the mission moved to a storefront on Bryant Avenue, Roslyn because the membership had outgrown the home of Mr. and Mrs. Pinkney.  On Thursday, August 30th, 1928 at 9:30 p.m. in Roslyn, Nassau County, New York, James Davis, Mary Dodson and Charles H. Christopher executed the Certificate of Incorporation as the Incorporating Trustees.  The Presiding Officer was Reverend E. L. Artist, Mary Davis served as Clerk, and Minnie Davis & Jessie Blunt were Inspectors of Election. Charles H. Christopher, Minnie Davis, Mary Davis, Nancy Dodson, Jessie Blunt, Essie Hill and James Davis were all members in good standing at the time of incorporation. 

On November 28, 1927 the assembly called Reverend Charles H. Christopher as Pastor.  On November 28, 1928 the mission moved to the Polish Hall on Railroad Avenue, Roslyn Heights. They elected the Reverend Charles H. Christopher as their Pastor.  In 1928, also, with a council of twelve churches present, the mission was incorporated as a church, the Friendship Baptist Church.  The Certificate of Incorporation of Friendship Baptist Church states its prime objective is the salvation of the souls of men, through the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


September 3, 1930

The members rented for a while, but on September 3, 1930 the edifice at 56 Orchard Street, our present location, was purchased for $6,000 by the Friendship Baptist Church trustees (Charles H. Christopher, Nancy Dodson and Essie Hill) from William H. O’Leary.  The mortgage was satisfied January 9, 1941.   The membership had grown to ninety-six. The late Mrs. Annie Oliver was the first Mother of the Church, and the late Deacon Scribbon and Albert Mathis the first Deacons.  

The first deacons to be ordained by Friendship Baptist Church were the late Deacon Sidney Scott and Deacon Henry Stones.  They served faithfully until their deaths.  The first members to serve as officers in the other church auxiliaries and organizations were:  Reverend Charles Neal’s, Secretary of the church, Brother Willie Johnson, Superintendent of the Sunday School, First Lady Christopher, President of the Missionaries, Sister Mary Cotter, President of the Choir, Sister Lillian Nicholson, President to the Pastors Aide and B.Y.P.U., Brother Clarence Pinkney, President of the Chorus, Sister Anna Belle Nipper, President of the Usher Board, and Nancy Dodson, Trustee and Treasurer.

A new church was built at 56 Orchard Street and in 1942 they marched into the present basement, singing and praising the Lord. In 1943 Reverend Christopher went home to receive his reward.  The late Reverend J.C. Branch Interim, Pastor served until the church called late Reverend Terry as Pastor in 1945. Under his leadership the church edifice was built and he and Mrs. Terry began a gospel music ministry that gained the church national prominence in the 1940’s and 1950’s. 


September 2007

Reverend Terry was a charismatic leader whose concern and compassion for people was evident.  He was the "Community Pastor” who saw the role of the Pastor, as one who attends to the needs of the whole person.  A visionary and a gentleman, Pastor Terry drew upon his humble beginnings and rose to a quiet greatness in his own right within the religious and secular communities.  Reverend Enoch served for 18 faithful years until his retirement in 1963.

Reverend Charles H. Ancrum Sr. was elected in 1963 and served 11 faithful years.   The church grew tremendously under his leadership. On October 16, 1964, trustees Lemuel Mason, Walter Cobb, Sidney Scott, and Reverend Charles H. Ancrum, Sr. purchased the Parsonage at 142 Willow Street on behalf of the Friendship Baptist Church from Rosemary G. Crapsey. Reverend Ancrum resigned in 1974. 

In 1974 Reverend Richard L. Hunter, Jr. was elected to Pastor.  In 1981 and 1982 the church was renovated.  Renovations included the basement, new windows for the sanctuary and new tables and chairs for the basement.  The property at 54 Orchard Street was purchased and on July 16, 1992 the Friendship Baptist Church trustees, Lemuel Mason, Martha S. Scott, Walter Cobb and Reverend Richard L. Hunter, Jr. secured a mortgage for demolition.  The mortgage was satisfied on Apri1 16, 1996.  The cornerstone was updated on the edifice and the name changed to the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church.  Reverend Richard L. Hunter faithfully served for thirty-three years, until his retirement in 2007.

Reverend Victor J. Lewis, the current Pastor of the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, was installed in September 2007.  Under his tutelage the church continues to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.